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Google rolling out ad blocker to Chrome Dev and Canary for Android

Google Chrome Canary Dev ads

Google has been discussing plans to block intrusive ads for a while. Despite the company making its money on ads, Google believes that ads should not be intrusive or malicious. And by working with the Coalition for Better Ads, the company plans to block ads deemed as such by next year.

The process has already begun, as Google has started rolling out the ad blocker to some people using Google Chrome Canary and Dev builds. You’ll find it under “Site settings” in the settings menu. Not everyone is seeing this option in either version of the browser, and the feature is experimental and should be used as such, but it’s good to see progress towards what should be a better internet.

Though ads aren’t bad on their own, and they are often the source of income for many sites, malicious ads are a serious problem. No one wants autoplaying audio or phishing ads around. It’s good to see Google pushing for better ads, even if it means that bad ads will be blocked entirely.

Via: Android Police

Source: Caschys Blog

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