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Google Allo is now available on the web


Google Allo has been available for Android and iOS devices for quite awhile now, but one of its oft-requested features, availability on the web, has been a slow arrival. Today the wait is finally over, as long as you have an Android phone and Google Chrome on your computer, that is.

Google Allo has officially arrived on the web, and it requires both Google Chrome and an Android phone, the latter of which you’ll need to scan a QR code to sync up your mobile Allo experience with the one that lives in your Chrome browser.

Once you scan the code, Allo should sync up with your Android phone and get you up-to-date on conversations within the browser. That means you’ll be able to continue those conversations right on the web without requiring to use your phone to talk, but the conversation should be available for you if you walk away from your computer.

Google Allo web

Google does say that iPhone support is coming soon, but no definitive date is provided just yet.

Allo’s availability on the web has been one of the messaging app’s most requested features, so it’s good it has finally arrived. Some might prefer an app, or even a wrapper that would mean it wouldn’t have to live in a tab, but at least Chrome offers notifications, too.

Do you plan on using Allo on the web?

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