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Google Home now supports voice calling in the United States and Canada


Google confirmed a few months ago that Google Home would soon support voice calls, and now that feature is rolling out to everyone.

Beginning today, Google Home owners in the United States and Canada can use hands-free voice calling right from their smart speaker. It’s pretty straightforward in its usage: Say, “Hey Google, call [name goes here]” and you’re off. The process is, of course, handled by Google Assistant.

CallsĀ from your Google Home will take advantage of the Wi-Fi connection, and they are free. It’s worth noting that when you do make a call, though, it will show up as either “No Caller ID” or “Unknown” to the person you’re calling, so you might want to give them a head’s up if they are prone to ignoring calls from unknown sources. Google does note that it plans on making it so that Google Home will show your phone number when making a call by the end of the year.

However, if you’re using Google Voice or Project Fi? Just head into the Assistant settings within the Google Home app and you can have your phone number displayed to the recipient.

Having a smart speaker that can make voice calls is a pretty great feature. Do you plan on using it?

Source: Google

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