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Google rumored to have offered $30 billion for Snap early last year


Rumors suggest that back in early 2016, Google offered to buy Snap for $30 billion. In fact, it’s being said that Google has offered to buy the company multiple times, offering more money each time.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel has not been willing to sell the company as he has been described as “fiercely independent.” However, Google has a lot to offer to theĀ social network. With stocks dropping, Google’s expertise in monetization could help Snap succeed.

The rumors claim many of these talks are informal, which makes sense since the two companies are fairly close and Eric Schmidt of Alphabet is an early adviser to Spiegel.

Snap has denied that these rumors are true, but we almost wish that the sale had gone through. The app could use a lot of work on Android, and maybe Google would have made that happen. Although much like Snap, it seems Google’s apps for iOS get a bit more attention and loveĀ at times.

Source: Business Insider

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