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Google Play is showing higher-quality apps in search results


Google Play has a lot of apps, many of which aim to do similar things, but some might suffer from higher crash rates or other issues when compared to others.

Google has discovered that when a user gets their hands on a high-quality app, one that doesn’t crash as often or have other issues, the user tends to keep it on their phone longer and use it more often. So in an effort to make sure Android users are happy with the apps on their phone, the Play Store has been showing higher-quality apps in search results.

Google has enhanced the search and discovery algorithms to help this effort. As a result, the search results should be showing apps at the top of the results that are of a better quality than the ones lower on the list. Google has also rolled out tools for developers to identify quality issues within their apps, so they can fix them if they wish.

The algorithms have already been rolled out, so users should already be seeing the results when they search for apps in Google Play.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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