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Google now rolling out video previews in search results


Ever see videos in your search results and wonder what they’re all about, but you don’t want to press play and sit through each one? Google’s rolling out a new feature to help with that.

Google is launching video previews in search results. When you’re using the Google app for Android or Chrome for Android and video results show up in the video carousel, you’ll now see GIF-like video previews. These will help show you what a video is about before you tap play.

By default, video previews will only play when you’re on Wi-Fi. You can change this to play video previews over cellular or disable video previews altogether by going into the settings menu of the Google app of Chrome for Android.

Video previews will start appearing today, and Google says that they’ll roll out more broadly next week.

These video previews in search results seem pretty handy, helping you to get an idea of what’s included in a video without forcing you to tap play and sit through each video in your search results. It’s also a good move by Google to make them play only over Wi-Fi by default, as that can help to conserve cellular data usage.

Source: Google

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