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Instagram adds format choice when sharing multiple photos

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Standing strong as the image-centric social network, Instagram continues to add new features in its quest to remain relevant. It wasn’t long ago that the company introduced the ability to share multiple photos in a single post. The feature had been heavily requested by users and its introduction served as both a new means of creative expression and an effort to curb users sharing multiple single-image posts in quick succession.

The drawback of the multi-photo feature was that all photos needed to be cropped into a square format. Criticism of the oversight has been prevalent, and today Instagram added portrait and landscape format choice when sharing multiple photos.

Praise of the update has been overwhelming, with many applauding the company for listening to users.

With a competitive market for social media, Instagram has grown consistently since its launch, while also maintaining strong usage rates from existing customers. Though the company came under fire when it eliminated chronological feed order, it’s remained popular as ever, overshadowing Snapchat and serving as a powerful compliment to its parent company, Facebook. The key for Instagram now, is ensuring that it can monetize its service, without drawing the ire of its customers.

Source: Instagram (Twitter)

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