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Nextbit ends support for the Robin


The quirky little Nextbit Robin is no more. Well, at least support for it is.

Nextbit has officially announced that it will no longer support the Robin. It’s unknown if this includes future software updates, which the company promised will continue until February 2018 when the company was purchased by Razer. We hope that it will still get security updates until the promised date (which coincides with its two-year anniversary), but at this point there are no guarantees.

The Robin is still for sale at bargain bin prices and it’s running Android 7.1.1 Nougat, so it’s not a terrible buy even without support.

With no products currently on the market, Nextbit is likely being used by Razer on that phone it wanted to build for gamers. Hopefully the company will release more products, because even with its flaws, the Robin was interesting and unique.

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