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NVIDIA SHIELD Portable 2 prototype found in the wild

NVIDIA Shield Portable 2 prototype 5

The original NVIDIA SHIELD Portable was an awesome device. With a powerful Tegra chip, a flip-out display, a comfortable grip, and amazing speakers, it was great for gaming. NVIDIA also released some exclusive games to the device so it wasn’t just Android games. Unfortunately, the device sold very poorly.

A successor was never released, but apparently it was considered. This prototype of the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable 2 was found at a Canadian pawn shop, matching the FCC filings last year. It features a 1440×810 display with smaller bezels, what is likely a Tegra X1 chip (also found in the Nintendo Switch), 3GB of RAM, and a very similar clamshell design with a gaming controller.

While this is a very interesting look at a device we could have had, it will never be released to the public. The owner of this prototype is a very lucky guy!

Via: Android Police

Source: Reddit

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