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Pixel’s camera app with HDR+ ported to other devices running late Snapdragon processors


The Google Pixel has a fantastic camera on its own, but the HDR+ feature that Google included in the camera app takes it to the next level. It takes multiple photos at low exposures and combines them, creating an image with better dynamic range and less noise than regular photos.

HDR+ was previously exclusive to the Pixel, but an unofficial port of the app has been made for devices with the Hexagon 680 ISP and up. This means that many devices running the Snapdragon 820, 821, and 835 processors are compatible with this app. The app is version 4.4 but it differs from the Google Camera app currently on the Play Store. It was pulled from the Android O Developer Preview 3.

It definitely makes a big improvement in low light photos on some devices. Noise levels plummet while clarity improves, though color saturation tends to take a nosedive. It’s also a nice app to use overall, with a simple UI and many of the standard features you need. It won’t include some device-specific features like dual camera modes, but you’ll still have the stock camera app for that.

It’s really amazing what Google managed to do with software. If you have a compatible device and want to give this app a shot, hit the source link and let us know how you like it!

Via: Android Police

Source: XDA-Developers

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