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Samsung is offering a Galaxy Note 8 discount to Note 7 owners


The Galaxy Note 7 was a popular phone when it launched last year. However, it wouldn’t last long before those units were recalled and owners were told to give up their device. Now Samsung is looking to make it right, and not just by simply launching a new phone.

During its official unveiling of the Galaxy Note 8 today, Samsung announced that it would be offering a discount on the Galaxy Note 8 for Galaxy Note 7 owners. Specifically, Samsung will knock up to $425 off the Note 8 with a trade-in. The discount will be available through Samsung’s website as soon as pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 start on Thursday, August 24.

This is a move that will impact Samsung’s bottom line, especially following the recall and discounts it offered for Galaxy Note 7 owners last year to get them away from their potentially dangerous phone. However, it’s one the company had to make. Getting an instant discount on the Galaxy Note 8 is certainly worthwhile, especially for Galaxy Note 7 owners who might be disillusioned after last year’s debacle.

At the time of publication, pricing was just starting to trickle out. For some carriers the Galaxy Note 8 will cost upwards of $950, so getting that discount might be important for many folks.

Did you own a Galaxy Note 7? If so, do you plan on taking advantage of this discount?

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