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T-Mobile likely launching Samsung Galaxy Note 8 BOGO deal soon


New leaked documents show that T-Mobile is already planning a Buy One, Get One deal for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If you have a T-Mobile One or Simple Choice Unlimited plan, you’ll be able to buy a Note 8 on EIP and open a second line to get a second Note 8 free.

This is nothing new, as T-Mobile constantly runs BOGO deals on flagship Samsung devices. The same rules apply, requiring you to open a second line to take advantage of the deal. So it comes as no surprise that T-Mo is doing the same with the Note 8.

If you don’t want a second Note 8, you can also get a Galaxy S8 or S8+. You’ll need to enter the code 17SAMN8BOGO at the T-Mobile Promotion Center to get your prepaid MasterCard. And best of all, the deal will apply to you if you’ve already pre-ordered the device within the conditions previously mentioned.

The deal should launch on September 1 according to the leaked documents, though it’s no guarantee it will go down exactly as described. Will you be taking advantage of it?

Source: TmoNews

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