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Unlocked and Sprint models of the Essential Phone pop up on Best Buy

Essential Phone Best Buy

The arrival of the Essential Phone, though delayed, is approaching fast. We don’t know when it’s happening but its latest appearance suggests that the release is imminent.

The device has popped up on Best Buy in both the black and white color. Even more interesting is that it shows up in both unlocked and Sprint variants. The unlocked model is priced at $699.99 on the site and the Sprint model was put up for $749.99, though this second price has now been removed. Whether it was a mistake or not remains to be seen.

With its crazy display pushing up against three edges, interrupted by that front facing camera, it’s definitely an intriguing device. It has a lot going for it and we can’t wait until it launches. Are you going to pick one up? Leave a comment!

Source: Best Buy Essential Phone: unlocked black, unlocked white, Sprint black, Sprint white

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