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YouTube gets a new logo and adds new features to mobile app


The YouTube logo has been the same for quite some time, but everything is eventual, so a change has finally arrived.

Today YouTube officially announced several updates, including a new logo, the dark theme finally rolling out to everyone in a new desktop experience, and new features for mobile users. So, first thing’s first: the new logo. YouTube is dropping the stylized “Tube” and going for a more simple logo. The iconic play image is now sitting off to the side.

YouTube logo change

Desktop, meanwhile, is adopting Material Design, which many Android users are familiar with by now. The team says it should make navigating the desktop site more intuitive and everything should look cleaner. Perhaps most importantly, though, the dark theme that has been available for a limited number of people is now rolling out to everyone, just like the new Material Design experience in general.

The mobile app is seeing some changes and new features, too. There will be a new gesture that lets users swipe to the left to watch a previous video or swipe to the right to watch a new video. Mobile users will be able to change the speed of videos, too, from slower to faster depending on what they want.

The mobile app will also quickly adapt the viewing experience based on orientation. “Soon, the YouTube player will seamlessly change shape to match the video format you’re watching, such as vertical, square or horizontal,” says YouTube.

Quite a few changes, to say the least.

The new experiences are rolling out now.

Source: YouTube Blog

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