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Discover secrets in The House of Da Vinci, a slick puzzler out now for Android

What would you do if you were tasked with finding one of the greatest inventors and artists of the renaissance?

That’s the question that The House of Da Vinci poses, and it’s out right now for Android if you want to try and answer. You’re playing one of Da Vinci’s assistants, and you need to figure out just what’s happened to your master before it’s too late. But how do you do that? Well by solving a series of clever, intricate, and brilliantly well designed puzzles of course.

These puzzles are viewed from the first person perspective. You’re manipulating a series of objects in Da Vinci’s workshop, trying to get to the secrets that are hidden within. So you’re poking and prodding war machines, fantastical inventions, and all manner of contraptions that are well ahead of their time.

It’s not just the head-scratching that’s important here though. The story is rich and engaging, and you’re going to want to stick with this one to the bitter end just to try and figure out what’s going on. And to see the curve balls the game is going to throw at you next.

One of those is a magical gauntlet. This special piece of equipment lets you see back in time. Not only is that going to be really helpful in figuring out where Leonardo has got to, but you’re going to utilise its powers to solve some of the puzzles too. The game has been out on iOS for about a month, and in that time it’s received a five star rating on the App Store. That’s not something to be sniffed at.

So if you fancy a smart and engaging premium puzzler that’s going to suck you in and not let you go, you could do a lot worse than heading to the Google Play Store and grabbing The House of Da Vinci right this second.

The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci

The House Of Da Vinci Screenshot

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