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Essential team does Reddit AMA, shares lots of interesting info

Essential Phone

The Essential Phone is a controversial topic. There are a lot of people on both sides but we can all agree that it’s an important company at the moment. The core team decided to do an AMA on Reddit, answering questions from fans and users.

Where most AMAs are very simple and meant for advertising more than interacting with fans, Andy Rubin and the team have been giving out some very interesting info! They mentioned that the Oreo update will be coming in the next month or two and that there is an accessory in the works that will bring a 3.5mm jack and a high-end DAC to the magnetic connector on the rear. The DAC is particularly enticing for those with high-end, high impedance headphones.

The team also addressed some issues. The first touch not being recognized was explained as a lock contention in the System UI thread and is being worked on. The camera is still getting updated, as the team is happy with the hardware but says the software is still being improved. In a cool touch, the developer of Nova Launcher came in saying that he could not find a workaround for the black status bar, and the team whitelisted his app for full screen use. Yes, it is not ideal that there is no API for this yet, but it’s cool to see nonetheless.

There is tons of info in this AMA, so hit the source link and start reading! Let us know what you think of the company after this AMA in the comments!

Source: Reddit

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