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HBO now included with AT&T Unlimited Choice plan


It’s no secret that HBO is dominating the television market. Hit shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld have captured massive audiences, though not always through legal channels. HBO’s subscription setup has led more than a few viewers to pirate its shows through a variety of outlets. The media giant has worked to combat the issue in years past by releasing a mobile app and opening up access, but a new strategy of bundling HBO with other services is proving to be effective.

Beginning September 15, HBO is included for AT&T customers who choose an Unlimited Choice wireless plan. The service will be available through AT&T video services, like DirecTV and U-Verse, for subscribers to those services and it will also be available to non-video subscribers through the DirecTV NOW and HBO GO apps.

AT&T previously formed a partnership with HBO to offer the service to customers who chose an Unlimited Plus wireless plan. Since its beginning, the bonus bundle has proven to be quite popular among users, and has been a selling point of the plan. By expanding the offering, AT&T is hoping that perks will attract both current and existing customers to its unlimited plans.

For more information, follow the source link below to read AT&T’s official announcement.

Source: AT&T

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