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HTC U11 to get customizable Edge Sense actions


The HTC U11 is one of HTC’s best phones to date, and it also features one of the most unique features in Edge Sense, the ability to squeeze the sides of the phone to interact with software elements.

Today HTC has confirmed that a big change is coming for U11 owners: customizable Edge Sense actions. HTC says that you’ll be able to map just about anything you can tap on the screen to the Edge Sense feature. So if you use Google Play Music on your phone, you should be able to squeeze the sides of the U11 to launch the app.

The feature will be rolling out soon. It’s starting to see the light of day in a beta version through the Edge Sense app and it’ll have a public launch soon.

If you own the U11, is this a welcomed feature?

Source: PhoneScoop

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