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Huawei surpasses Apple as second largest smartphone brand in the world

Huawei P9

For the second month in a row Huawei is in second place in smartphone sales, taking Apple’s place. Samsung is still in first place with quite a bit of a lead. Nonetheless, it’s impressive that Huawei has managed to edge out Apple.

Despite not having much of a presence in the US, Huawei is huge in Asia and Europe. This makes the feat even more impressive, since the North American market isn’t contributing much to Huawei’s sales.

The lead likely won’t last much longer as Apple will be announcing and releasing the next iPhone this month. Huawei¬†will be announcing the Mate 10 the month after that.

When looking at the top 10 highest selling devices, Apple holds three spots, including the top two. Numbers three¬†and four are Oppo devices while Samsung occupies fifth place. Huawei doesn’t have a single device on the list.

We’ll have to see how Huawei does in sales over the next few months because Apple is about to sell a ton of phones, but Huawei shouldn’t be far behind. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Via: The Verge

Source: Counterpoint

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