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Motorola releases camera tuner app for Moto X4 rather than separate camera app


Companies releasing apps to the Play Store is nothing new. It’s a great way to update core parts of a device’s functionality without resorting to full fledged system updates. Features can be added and bugs can fixed quickly and easily in between system updates.

However, the camera is usually an exception. Motorola has tried uploading multiple camera apps that are each compatible with different devices, but this turned out to be messy. To circumvent this with the Moto X4, Motorola has released a camera tuner app to the Play Store.

This app allows Motorola to tweak the camera tuning without needing different camera apps for each phone. It’s a cleaner way to quickly update the core camera functionality. The app is already loaded on the Moto X4 and can now be updated from the Play Store.

Via: XDA-Developers

Source: Google Play: Camera Tuner for Moto X4

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