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Next year’s GPS chips will give you one foot accuracy

Google Maps

GPS is pretty accurate these days. We’re past the days of weak or nonexistent GPS signals (yes, I used to own a Captivate and I’m still a bit scarred), but it could be better. How often does Google Maps think you took an off ramp on the freeway when you missed it? How often are you staring at a list of GPS satellites constantly connecting and disconnecting in plain view of the sky? Nope, that last one is just a Galaxy S flashback.

Next year, Broadcom will implement a new GPS chip into devices that will greatly improve accuracy. The previous three to five meter range will be reduced to just 30 centimeters. That’s going from 9-15 feet down to under a foot. The difference will best be felt in dense cities, but everyone will benefit from higher accuracy.

While we don’t know what devices will be using this GPS chip next year, but it’s likely many of our favorite flagships won’t be seeing it. Qualcomm supplies a majority of GPS chips in the smartphone market, so it might take a while for us to see any improvement in common phones.

Via: The Verge

Source: IEEE Spectrum

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