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Some Nexus 6P owners getting Pixel XL as RMA replacement


The Nexus 6P hasn’t had the best track record for reliability. Many people are facing issues like bootlooping, battery drain, and more. It’s terrible when your phone, a device that’s at the center of many people’s lives, suddenly stops working at the worst time.

Thankfully, Google is trying to make it right. Some people are reporting that they have sent their devices out for RMA and have received Pixel XLs instead of another 6P. This has worked even out of warranty. Unfortunately, it’s currently limited to the US and Canada.

If you bought your Nexus 6P from the Google Store and it’s been facing issues, it can’t hurt to contact Google support and see if you can get a replacement. You’ll have to pay authorization charges, but it might be worth it for a shiny new Pixel. Let us know if you try it!

Source: Reddit

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