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Sprint and T-Mobile reportedly closing in on a deal

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Mergers in the tech world are common, though the fast-flying rumors of mergers are far more prevalent. One persistent potential merger is that of T-Mobile and Sprint, the US’s third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers, respectively. The companies have connected multiple times in the past, though multiple attempts have fallen through. Over the past four months, however, the two companies have given the merger push renewed effort, and according to Reuters, deal terms are nearly finalized.

Though the merger talks are still private and tentative, the settling of deal terms is the biggest step in the negotiation process. Once deal terms are set, T-Mobile and Sprint can begin the due diligence process, with an official deal estimated to be complete by late October.

A major hurdle for the deal will be clearing the regulatory process. The new Trump administration has yet to encounter a significant merger with antitrust risk, and it remains unclear as to how the administration will treat it. The Obama administration was more reserved regarding big business mergers, but with the Trump administration’s business background and pro-job message, it could be more lenient regarding the merger.

Stay tuned for more updates as Sprint and T-Mobile continue merger talks.

Source: Reuters

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