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The Amazon Echo Spot is to the Echo Show what the Echo Dot was to the Echo

Amazon Echo Spot

Unfortunately, this article is going to be using the word “Echo” a lot. Amazon has announced the all-new Echo Spot, which resides alongside the newly announced Echo and Echo Plus. But unlike those devices, the Echo Spot features a screen.

Overall the Echo Spot looks like a miniature Echo Show, much like the Echo Dot was a cheaper and smaller version of the original Echo. It features a round 2.5-inch screen, a front facing camera for video calls, and a speaker, though it has Bluetooth and a 3.5mm jack for use with a better speaker. The screen will display info related to what you ask for, as well as things like lyrics and video clips.

Other than the display, it’s a regular Amazon Alexa-enabled device. It will be launching on December 19 for $129.99 in black and white, undercutting the full sized Echo Show by $100. Let us know what you think of a more budget-oriented Echo with a screen!

Source: Amazon

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