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Twitter is testing a 280-character limit for tweets


Twitter has long had a 140-character limit on tweets, even if things like usernames no longer count against it. But Twitter is considering making a big change to the rule.

Today Twitter announced that it will be test upping the current tweet threshold to 280 characters, doubling the room to tweet. The change is being tested a very small number of users for now, but the plan is to roll it out the wider audience at some point in the near future.

In the official announcement, Twitter cites a variety of different languages out there that make the 140-character limit can feel very cramped, which can make expressing thoughts and opinions harder. When comparing languages like English and Japanese, Twitter discovered that users writing in Japanese have much more room to get across what they want to say, while English users can run out of room quickly.

What’s more, Twitter says that users tweet more often when they don’t feel like they’re being restrained within the 140-character limit.

There’s no doubt that the 140-character limit for Twitter has been one of its defining features ever since its debut, but it’s about time that the limit got bumped up. It was boosted quite some time ago for Direct Messages, and for anyone who has run into that character limit before, this change will probably be pretty effective.

Are you excited for the upcoming 280-character limit?

Source: Twitter

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