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Verizon has discontinued the Wear24 smartwatch

Verizon Wear24 official

Let’s be honest, no one expected the Verizon Wear24¬†smartwatch to succeed. Smartwatch sales are low as it is, and a Verizon-branded device without a well known brand name makes it even worse.

Tack on a $349 price tag sans contract, the lack of heartrate and light sensors, and lack of Android Pay support, and you’re not getting much for your money. There are cheaper watches available, and the watches at that price point offer far more bang for the buck. The additon of LTE was once nice feature of the Wear 24.

After only four months on the market, Verizon has discontinued the Wear24 watch. The product page now links to the support page for the device. We’re not surprised. How many of you picked one up, and how have you been liking it? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police

Source: Verizon

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