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Tronsmart Encore S5 Bluetooth true wireless earphone review

Tronsmart Encore S5 1


Bluetooth version: 4.1
Range: 20 meters
Rated battery life: 3-4 hours
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Dimensions: 11.5 x 15.2 x 4.0 cm
Price: $39.99
Where to buy: Amazon

The Tronsmart Encore S5 fully wireless earphones are a spin on the regular fully wireless design. On top of the regular small in-ear bud there is a flexible hook that goes around your ear for a better fit.

The hooks are coated in soft touch rubber and are easily fiexible to fit snugly around your ear. Once bent into the proper shape, it’s easy to take them off and put them on without messing up the bend.

Tronsmart Encore S5 2

The design of the ear hooks is interesting because it connects to the earbuds via the microUSB port. You unplug the ear hooks to charge the earbuds. Though it makes no real difference in the way they function, it’s pretty neat to see microUSB plugs on the hooks. This might result in long term wear of the port, but at the price point, it’s hard to complain.

These earphones can be connected to your device in one of two ways. You can do stereo, as you’d expect, or you can connect just the left earbud. This is great for music in places where you need to hear what’s going on around you as well as taking phone calls. Have the Bluetooth headsets of the early 2000′s returned?

The button setup is just one button on each earphone and they both do the same thing: hold for three seconds to turn on and off, press to play and pause, hold for two seconds to skip songs, or double press to change volume. Unfortunately, the button’s not very useful because it’s uncomfortable to press when the earphones are in your ear.

Build quality

These earphones are built fairly well. The entire body is made out of plastic, but it’s not cheap plastic. This means that they’re super lightweight, but they don’t feel the best.

The tip is rubber as you’d expect, but the area behind the tip that helps keep it in your ear is plastic. I wish this was a bit softer.

The button is made out of rubber and made extra long to easily find it. It feels very squishy but it has a tactile click.

Sound quality

Cheap Bluetooth earphones have gotten shockingly good in terms of sound quality. The age of terrible sound in cheap earphones is over, and these earphones are no different.

The Tronsmart Encore S5 earphones sound pretty good overall. You’re not going to get high quality audio from $40 earphones, but you’ll get detail and pretty damn good bass. They’re definitely punchy and enjoyable, even for those who are used to $100+ earphones.

The connection quality is quite good, especially for cheaper fully wireless earphones. There are interruptions when the phone is in your pocket, but these have a pretty solid connection with almost no interruptions even when walking in tight jeans.


Surprisingly, these earphones offer a comfortable fit. They make a good seal and the ear hooks keep them in reasonably well. They’re great for sports thanks to the ear hooks and they’re also lightweight enough to not drag down in your ears.

Battery life

These earphones are rated at 3-4 hours per charge. This is as high or higher than most other true wireless earphones, but the issue is that these don’t come with a charging case. This means you are stuck with one charge. The usefulness is a bit better at one time, but overall a charging case gives other earphones a few uses in one day. This is a downside you have to take into account.

Fortunately, the lack of charging case means you can charge the Encore S5 earphones easily. Remove the earhook and you’ll find a microUSB port. The included cable has two microUSB ends and allows you to charge the earphones from any USB source, like a portable battery bank.


Microphones on most Bluetooth earphones are usually mediocre at their best. Mics on full wireless earphones are even further away from your mouth. However, the Encore S5 earphones have an amazing pic. People reported that I sounded as good or better than holding the phone to my head. Even in windy conditions, people said I sounded great.

Tronsmart Encore S57 / 10

Tronsmart Encore S5 3

If you’re looking for fully wireless earphones but don’t care about a sleek look, the Tronsmart Encore S5 earphones are a great option at a low price. They have decent battery life (in fact, the single charge time is above average), good comfort, and good sound quality. They’re also good for the gym thanks to the tight fit and sweat resistance.

If you need more longevity over the course of a day, earphones with a charging case might be a better option (although a power bank will do in this case).

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