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Essential is being sued for its wireless accessory connector

Essential Phone 4

Essential’s accessory connector is an interesting one. It uses two physical power pins and wireless data transfer. Unfortunately, a previous potential partner is suing the company over that wireless data transfer tech.

Essential was in talks with Keyssa (backed by Tony Fadell, an ex-Google employee just like Andy Rubin) over its wireless data transfer technology for 10 months but an agreement was never reached. The company ended up going with SiBEAM for the wireless accessory connector, but Keyssa alleges that Essential used techniques that it developed to build the connector.

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but it’s yet another challenge that Essential is facing. The launch of the Essential Phone was a bumpy ride and issue after issue has popped up. Hopefully this blows over smoothly.

Via: XDA-Developers

Source: Reuters

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