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Google Clips takes photos and videos on its own with machine learning

Google Clips

Google is introducing a new wireless camera you don’t have to mess with. Google Clips is a new device that you set up and leave alone, and it will take photos and videos of moments it deems important using machine learning.

Google designed the device to focus on family, with facial recognition leaning who to focus on. It learns over time who people around your home are to capture better shots. You set it up or clip it on anywhere you want and it’ll do the rest of the work. All the clips taken will wirelessly sync to the Google Clips app on your phone and you’ll be able to save unlimited clips to your Google Photos account.

For privacy, Google contains all the machine learning on the device itself, so it’s not in the cloud. It also lights up when recording so it can’t easily be hidden.

The device is designed for families, since you miss so many moments when your hands are full. So unlike a GoPro, this won’t be your action camera. Google advertises it for home use. It will be launching “soon” in the US for $249, and while that sounds a bit pricey, it’s not so bad if the camera hardware inside is solid. Plus capturing moments of your kids (or pets, we don’t judge) is priceless. What do you think of this new product? Leave a comment!

Source: Google Blog

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