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Google is actively investigating reports of Pixel 2 XL display burn-in

Google Pixel 2 XL

Following the October debut of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, early reviews for the Pixel 2 XL began to call out issues with the display.

Google recently responded to those complaints, saying that the display was designed to have “more natural colors,” but that it could perhaps address the issue by adding more color options via a software update at some point in the future. That wouldn’t necessarily fix some of the other issues some have caught with the display, but it might be enough for some owners.

Over the weekend, some reviewers started to notice something else: what looks like screen burn-in:

There’s some speculation that this could be image retention and not actual burn-in. Image retention isn’t as bad, but it wouldn’t be a permanent issue like screen burn-in.

Still, The Verge saw the same thing happening with its own Pixel 2 XL review unit. As is pretty standard, Google’s statement touts the technology in its POLED display and says that there is an extensive quality testing procedure that happens before a phone is launched. Still, they say that they’re investigating the report of screen burn-in. Here’s the statement:

“The Pixel 2 XL screen has been designed with an advanced POLED technology, including QHD+ resolution, wide color gamut, and high contrast ratio for natural and beautiful colors and renderings. We put all of our products through extensive quality testing before launch and in the manufacturing of every unit. We are actively investigating this report.”

Screen burn-in is an issue with OLED displays, but this is typically diagnosed after months, if not years, of usage. Having this problem crop up with just a couple of weeks of usage could be a big problem for Google, especially if it is discovered to be actual screen burn-in and not image retention.

If you picked up a Google Pixel 2 XL, what are your thoughts on its display?

Source: The Verge

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