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Google launches Gmail Add-Ons


A while back, Google announced the creation of Gmail Add-Ons, a new way for apps to integrate directly into Gmail, increasing coordination across multiple services. A developer preview began earlier this year and today the fruits of that preview are bearing fruit as Google publicly launches Gmail Add-Ons. To get started with Add-Ons, users can head to the G Suite Marketplace, where a range of services are available through the program.

A variety of services are already available including Asana, Trello, Smartsheet, Streak, and more. Each of these services has different functions available for its Add-On, but as a whole, the features offered are full-fledged and quite useful. More services are on the way soon, including DocuSign, which will soon allow you to sign right from the Add-On.

One perk of the Add-Ons program is that it functions the same across Android and the Gmail for web. Not only does this make it even easier to accomplish tasks, but it also means that you only have to install an Add-On on one device to receive the service any time you use your account, no matter the device. With handy features and easy installation, it’s an almost sure bet that Gmail Add-Ons will be well-received.

Source: Google

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