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Google Pixel 2 durability test does not end well

If you’re a smartphone enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of JerryRigEverything. He’s the man that comes off as rudely destructive until you figure out that his tests are valuable and constructive rather than destructive (well, both).

The latest victim is the Pixel 2, and the man doesn’t hold back when he’s not happy. The removal of the headphone jack in particular is a problem, because it’s a removal of a feature that so far has not been adequately replaced.

Problems with design aside, the durability of the device is dubious. The metal unibody is covered in a “hybrid coating,” which is just a thick layer of plastic that scrapes off easily. This can cause ugly wear down the line. It’s reminiscent of the LG G5′s coating that people hated so much.

When it came to the bend test, which emulates (albiet in an exaggerated manner) what a phone endures in back pockets or skinny jeans, the phone immediately fails along the antenna band. The entire casing cracks along the side. The device itself still works, but it seems oddly fragile. The water resistance is also compromised due to this.

While the Pixel 2 does not earn a spot on JerryRigEverything’s shelf of shame due to a lack of catastrophic failure, it still didn’t hold up as well as expected. Plus, we’re sure that the plastic coating is going to piss some people off.

Let us know what you think of the Pixel 2′s durability in the comments!

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