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Google Pixel 2 takes the crown for the best smartphone camera on DxOMark

Google Pixel 2 Camera

The original Google Pixel blew us all away by taking the top spot on DxOMark’s camera scoring test. Though the single sensor wasn’t necessarily all that special, Google’s ridiculous software tweaking and HDR+ took photos to the next level. Software updates even compensated for hardware issues!

DxOMark recently revamped its scoring system to account for the second camera on new smartphones, giving extra score for the second sensor on devices that do telephoto or wide angle. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Galaxy Note 8 now scored above the Pixel.

Yet with only a single camera, the newly announced Pixel 2 has retaken the crown as the top rated smartphone camera on DxOMark, beating the original Pixel’s score of 90 and the Galaxy Note 8′s score of 94 with a shocking 98 out of 100 points.

Broken down, the Pixel 2 gets a 99 on photos and a 96 on video, averaging out to 98. It should be noted that the Note 8 scored a perfect 100, though the Pixel got better scores on exposure, contrast, and other categories of photo ratings. The Pixel fell short in zoom and portrait mode due to its single camera, dropping the score down to a 99.

If you want the best smartphone camera out there, it looks like the Pixel is your best shot (pun intended). Go pre-order it now!

Source: DxOMark

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