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Google’s Fast Pair for Bluetooth headphones aims to streamline the pairing process

Google Fast Pair

Connecting a Bluetooth device to a device can be a headache, with menus and pairing numbers. Google wants to streamline that process.

Announced today, Fast Pair does exactly as the name suggests. It will allow Android devices to simply put a pair of (supported) Bluetooth headphones next to their phone and quickly pair them. To make it work, you’ll just need to put the headphones you want to connect into pairing mode, then slide them close to your Android device.

Google Fast Pair2

Once you do that, a notification will show up asking if you want to pair the headphones. Tap on that, the process will go through, the notification will change to say that the pairing process is complete, and voila. It’s a similar process to what Apple introduced with its W1 chip, which is available in select Beats-branded headphones and the AirPods.

The new Fast Pair should make it easier to connect headphones. And while Google’s feature makes it possible for existing Bluetooth headphones on the market to support it, that isn’t the case right now. As it stands, Google’s wireless Pixel Buds support Fast Pair, as does the Libratone’s Q Adapt On-Ear headphones. Plantronics plans to support Fast Pair with the Voyager 8200 wireless headphones, too.

To use Fast Pair, your Android device needs to be running Android 6.0 or newer.

This should make using Bluetooth headphones a lot easier, especially as manufacturers continue to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. Are you looking forward to trying it out? Did you order Google’s Pixel Buds?

Source: Android Developers Blog

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