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Google’s ‘Try It Now’ feature will let you try Instant Apps before you download

Google Play Apps To Try Now

Google announcedInstant Apps” back at its I/O conference back in 2016. The initial aim of the project was to let Android users quickly try an app they discovered through Google Search without actually downloading and installing the app onto their device.

That idea is now extending into the Play Store directly with a new “Try It Now” button. This button will allow Android users to quickly try out an app without downloading it. A new section in Google Play called “Apps to Try Now” has eight apps to try, including The New York Times Crossword, Hollar, SkyScanner, and others.

If a user decides they like the app after trying it out, they will be able to then quickly download the full version of the app onto their device and keep using it without issue. If they don’t, they can just stopand go about their day without having to worry about uninstalling anything.

Right now the feature is only available for free apps, and there isn’t any word on if this will be a way for folks to try out paid apps without having to buy them before they really try them, but it would certainly be an interesting way to handle it.

What do you think of Google’s Instant Apps idea?

Via: Google Play

Source: Android Developers Blog

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