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Instagram now supports live streaming with a friend


Live streaming is a popular source of content creation, especially on Instagram, and now the social network is making it easier to bring in a friend when you stream.

Announced today, Instagram is now allowing users to “go live with a friend.” The feature is pretty easy to get up and running, with a dedicated icon on the bottom right of the screen (a pair of smiling faces) present to quickly launch the feature.

Once you tap on that, just hit the “Add” button and you will be able to bring in a friend that is watching your live stream. Once they’re added, the screen will split horizontally and the newcomer will show up on the bottom, with the host on the top.


The host has the ability to end the live stream whenever they want, and they can remove the guest from the live stream when they see fit, too. The guest can also leave whenever they want. Once the live stream ends, the host can choose to add it to their Instagram Story or discard it.

The new live streaming feature is rolling out today, so Instagram users should make sure they’re updated to the most recent version of the app and keep an eye out for the new icon.

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Source: Instagram Blog

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