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Microsoft reveals Edge browser and new Launcher for Android


Today, Microsoft announced a pair of new apps for Android (and one for iOS) users.

Microsoft has announced the Edge browser for both Android and iOS users. It’s currently in a testing phase, which is available only for iOS users for now but it will be available for Android soon. The shining feature for the mobile Edge browser is that users will be able to open pages on their mobile app and then open them on their Windows desktop PC for easy syncing.

There’s also an InPrivate mode for private browsing, Reading View, a Reading List, and more features that are also available for the Edge browser on Windows 10 machines. If you’re an Edge user on PC, the ability to sync passwords is a nice boost, too, along with keeping your favorites from one experience to the other.


The other big new app is Microsoft Launcher which, as the company puts it, is a “graduation” of the Arrow Launcher that was launched back in 2015. It has a new design aesthetic based on Microsoft’s Fluent Design and there’s a new feature called The Feed which will populate all of your recent activities, top news, and events, into one easy-to-read list. Just swipe to the right to reach it.

There’s a new Continue to PC feature which will let you continue to do certain tasks, like photos, or documents, from your phone to your computer.

Microsoft Launcher is currently in the testing phase as well, so if you’re curious and want to check it out, go through this link.

Were you a fan of Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher?

Source: Windows Blog

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