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Nokia states that it is not launching the Nokia 8 in the US

Nokia 8 official

Nokia’s lineup is pretty solid, and with the use of stock Android, it has gotten Android enthusiasts excited. The cheaper models are great and all, but the current Nokia 8 flagship has been a big uncertainty for US customers.

Unfortunately, the device is not coming to the US. An HMD rep confirmed that it is not properly banded for the US and won’t launch here. It’s a big disappointment because it was a stock Android device with good specs and a metal body, something enthusiasts really want.

Strangely, the device has passed through the FCC, which is usually a good indication of an upcoming launch. It’s entirely possible that the HMD rep was wrong, especially since the Nokia 8 is still on the US site. We’ll just have to wait and see, but don’t hold your breath.

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Source: Nokia Power User

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