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Some Pixel 2 units ticking when NFC is on


The Google Pixel 2 launch has been nothing if not problematic. From screen burn-in issues to devices that failed QC being shipped to customers, the launch has been a tad messy and many people aren’t happy. Unfortunately, a new issue is now being reported with the Pixel 2.

Some users are hearing a ticking sound coming from their devices, but only when NFC is enabled. Even when the screen is off, the device will softly tick. There are also issues with hissing sounds, though the cause for those is unknown.

Google will be releasing a fix in the “upcoming week,” though we don’t know if it’ll be a software update or a replacement plan. For now, just keep NFC off when you’re not using it.┬áLet us know if you’ve faced this issue, and if you’re keeping or returning your Pixel 2!

Via: Android Central

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