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The ‘Made for Google’ accessory site is now up!

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The “Made for Google” program aims to guarantee that any accessory you buy with that badge is a quality part. Of course, it’s also a clever business move to make some money and feature certain companies, but that’s good business. And now the┬ásite for the program is up!

The site links to various retailers, some well known and some not so much. The links go directly to a Google-centric page on the retailer’s site. Some links don’t work, but we assume that the site is a work in progress to show what retailers Google is working with.

With this program, you can get certified cases, screen protectors, skins, cables, headphones, and more for your Pixel devices. The cables in particular are a good buy because they’re guaranteed to comply with USB spec. Hit the source link and check out what’s available!

Source: Made for Google

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