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Verizon to offer 4K streaming for $10 more a month

Verizon Unlimited

Back in August, Verizon changed its unlimited plans and made it so that 720p HD streaming was as good as it gets for subscribers watching content on the go.

But, as reported by CNET, things are changing. Verizon is bringing back the ability to stream 4K content on mobile devices connected to its network, but you might’ve guessed, there’s a bit of a catch. If customers want to stream at the higher resolution, they will need to fork over $10 more per month.

The plan add-on will go live on November 3.

At the time that Verizon made its unlimited plan changes, it stated that there simply weren’t enough phones that supported watching 4K content. While that technically hasn’t changed, there are certainly plenty of phones out there that support streaming content at higher resolutions than 720p HD.

Paying $10 more per month to get the privilege of streaming higher resolutions than 720p HD is a bit hard to accept, but at least the option exists.

Will you be adding the ability to your Verizon plan?

Source: CNET

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