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You can now use PayPal to send money through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger PayPal

Technically speaking, Facebook Messenger has supported the ability to send and receive money for quite awhile. But if you prefer to handle your online transactions with PayPal, that base is now covered, too.

PayPal announced today that you can use Facebook Messenger to send money. To get it to work, Messenger users just need to tap on the blue “+” sign while in a one-on-one chat or a group chat, then select the green “Payments” button. From there you’ll be able to select how you want to send your money. PayPal doesn’t make any specific mention of it in the announcement, but it does look like if you have multiple money accounts tied to your PayPal account, you’ll be able to select which one you want to use before you send any funds.

If that isn’t enough, PayPal is also introducing a specific bot to help PayPal customers when they might not want to call it or just want to stay in the Facebook Messenger app. The bot will help PayPal users change their password and get help with payment issues and refunds. It can also help users with general account issues.

Both the payment support and the PayPal bot are rolling out today.

Do you think you’ll use the new feature?

Source: PayPal

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