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Amazon launches Silk web browser on Fire TV


Set-top boxes are designed to give owners a one-stop shop for most of the things they would want to do on their TV, including apps to games. And now for Amazon Fire TV owners, that also includes browsing the web.

Today Amazon officially launched its Silk web browser for select Fire TV models as well as the Fire TV streaming stick and the Westinghouse/Element 4K television that has Amazon’s Fire TV software built in. The new app is available to download through the app stores on those devices.

It’s worth noting here that only the first- and second-generation Fire TV set-top boxes support the Silk browser, but that the newest model does not support the web browser yet. Amazon says an update coming in December will address that issue, so if you’ve got the newest Fire TV set-top box, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get this functionality.

The Silk web browser will let you navigate the internet right from your TV, and according to AFTVnews, the in-browser video playback is pretty solid. Otherwise it sounds like a pretty straightforward web browser. You’ll even be able to add bookmarks for quick navigation.

Is web browsing on your TV something you want to do?

Source: AFTVnews

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