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Damson S-Series brings wireless Dolby Atmos to your home with S-Cubes that can travel with you

Damson S-Series 1

The new Damson S-Series is a home theater series with a twist. Damson partnered with Dolby to bring an Atmos-supported system to your living room, but the company took it a few steps further to make the system that much better.

The main components of the $799.99 package are the S-Bar sound bar, S-Atmos attachment, S-Woofer, and two S-Cubes. The system is entirely wireless other than the power wires, using JetStreamNet for a 50 meter range. The sub has all of your inputs and outputs, and all you’ll need for the sound bar and S-Cubes are power wires. There’s Bluetooth for streaming your music to the system and you can throw a Chromecast into one of its two HDMI ports for higher quality media.

Damson S-Series 2

The S-Cubes also have built-in batteries. Grab one on the way out and use it as a Bluetooth speaker for 8 hours of play time while the rest of the system still works seamlessly. You can add and remove speakers as you please. But the best part of the battery-powered S-Cubes isn’t necessarily the portability. Instead, it’s setting up a 5.1 surround sound system with no wires running to the back of your living room. When you want to experience 5.1 surround sound, grab the two S-Cubes and throw them behind you.

The system, with Atmos in tow, features 3D sound alongside 5.1 surround sound and sounds pretty fantastic. It’s made for smaller living rooms and won’t rattle your walls apart (in fact, the sub was quite weak on the pre-production models I listened to), but it sounds clear and the Dolby magic was fantastic.

The system is now available for pre-order for $799.99 for all five parts, though you should be able to buy them separately at some point. It’s a modular system that supports up to eight speakers on the network. It’s definitely an awesome take on the home theater system, especially for apartments where you can’t run wires. The inclusion of portable Bluetooth speakers makes it even better.

Source: Damson

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