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Google Assistant getting new features and language support

Google Assistant app support

Google Assistant already has plenty of powerful use case scenarios, but there’s always room to grow.

Google has just announced several new changes that will let developers give Google Assistant users even more features and support. First up is language support, which now supports Spanish (US, MX, and ES), Italian, Portuguese (BR), and English (IN). And in the United Kingdom, developers can now build apps that support transactions.

The next big news is for apps. Google wants to make it easier to find apps, and if you just want to ask Google Assistant “What’s trending” or “What’s new,” this update will let you do that. In addition to that, there are new subcategories in the Food & Drink section, letting users say things like “View a menu” or “Order food.” There will also be badges for apps that are rated family-friendly.

Finally, Google is also bringing a feature that will let developers build in support for starting an event on a smart speaker with Google Assistant on board, like Google Home, and completing it on your smartphone. So, if you want to ask Google Assistant to show you a map, you can ask the digital personal assistant baked into your smart speaker and then see it pop up on your phone.

Google Assistant will also soon support pushing asynchronous notifications, as well as more, which is detailed in the Google Developers Blog.


Source: Google Developers Blog

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