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Google launches Files Go Beta for offline sharing and file management

Google Go Files official

For folks that are worried about the storage space on their phone, Google has a new way to help ease the load.

Today Google released Files Go Beta for Android devices. It’s billed primarily as a file management app, letting users quickly locate content on their devices in one spot. It will also show users how much space they’ve used on their phone, automatically recognize apps that aren’t used all that often, and recommend ways to free up space. Files Go Beta cam also identify duplicate images and suggest to delete them or clear up the cache on your device. And it does it all with Google’s card-based user interface.

If you want to share files, that’s possible, too. File sharing works similarly to Apple’s AirDrop feature, meaning you won’t need an internet connection to drop a file to a friend from your device to theirs. They just have to be near your device.

This is a beta app, and Google notes that there could be some bugs and issues that arise while using the app.

Files Go Beta seems like a worthwhile app in just the file management department, but adding the ability to quickly send files to friends and family is an added bonus. Do you think you’ll try out it out?

Source: Files Go Beta (Google Play)

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