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Google to fix Pixel 2 buzzing sounds heard during calls with software update


Google’s newest flagship Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are impressive devices, but hardware issues have plagued the devices since launch. The problems eventually led Google to extend both devices’ manufacturer’s warranty to two years, and the company has promised updates to address the issues it can. Now Google says that another software update is coming down the pipes which will focus on the buzzing sounds that some Pixel 2 owners are hearing while they are on a call.

Since the issue cropped up, some Pixel 2 owners have gotten their units replaced, but the buzzing sound persisted. For others, it’s a low hum while they are on a phone call.

A Google community manager recently posted on the Pixel User Community forum, saying, “We’re rolling out a software update in the coming weeks which eliminates a faint buzzing sound on some Pixel 2 devices when the phone is placed to your ear during a phone call.”

Google doesn’t have an exact ETA for when the software update will be released, but at least Pixel 2 owners who are experiencing the issue know that a fix is incoming.

Have your anyone you know experienced the buzzing sound?

Source: Pixel User Community forums

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