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Google Home now supports handling two commands at once


Getting stuff done with a smart speaker is supposed to be easy, and in most cases, the manufacturers have done a solid job making that a reality. And now Google Home has learned a new trick to make getting stuff done even easier.

As first reported by CNET, the smart speaker now supports handling two commands at the same time. So, instead of having to list off one command after another, you can just say something like, “Okay Google, turn on the TV and what’s the weather?” Your TV will come to life and then the smart speaker will tell you the weather.

The benefit here is that you don’t have to predetermine these commands in the Google Home app. So you can string commands together, like telling Home to turn on some lights and play some music, and the smart speaker should be able to handle that.

Don’t try three commands, though. Google Home will apparently just tell you it can’t handle that.

Google is also planning on rolling out predetermined commands, like telling Home a certain phrase to get a string of commands completed, but this should be one feature that goes a long way to making using Home more streamlined.

Source: CNET

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