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Google Maps getting updated to make it easier to see important details


Being able to quickly discern details while navigating is important, and Google is hoping some new changes in Google Maps will help with that.

Today Google announced that it is updating Google Maps to make it easier to see important details. If you’re driving from one place to another, Google Maps will make it easier to see where gas stations are. And if you’re using transit services, Google Maps will make it easier to pick out train stations.

Google is also updating the color schemes and icons of important places within Maps. So now you’ll be able to quickly tell that shopping is a blue color, food and drink in orange, outdoor areas in green, and more. You can see those new color options just below.


These changes to Google Maps will be incorporated into all services that use Maps, and Google says they’ll begin appearing over the next several weeks. So you’ll see these changes while using other Google services, like Search, Google Earth, and the standard Google Search.

What do you think of this important change?

Source: Google Blog

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