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Google Play Store has banned apps showing ads on your lockscreen


There are some apps that decide to be completely evil and show ads on your lockscreen. Sometimes it’s a spam app, and other times it’s a good app that is updated to be malicious. Nonetheless, I think everyone agrees that lockscreen ads are the worst.

Google seems to agree, because the company has now banned apps from showing lockscreen ads from the Play Store. The exact wording exempts apps designed to replace your lockscreen, meaning apps that serve any other purpose can’t show lockscreen ads. Here is the new rule:

Unless the exclusive purpose of the app is that of a lockscreen, apps may not introduce ads or features that monetize the locked display of a device.

We have yet to see how Google will enforce this. Hopefully it will result in apps violating this rule being pulled from the Play Store until they are changed. While the apps that did this should no longer be used even if lockscreen ads are removed (we have to prove a point, don’t we?), this should make the Play Store a bit safer for the everyday user.

Via: Android Police

Source: Google Play

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